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Leadership Business Consulting studies and supports the entry of Sensitive Object.....

Leadership Business Consulting studies and supports the entry of Sensitive Object a French company that developed an innovative solution based on acoustic technology for touch screens, into the United States,

Believe In a New World of Intelligent Everyday Objects

Imagine a world where objects are intelligent to the point where ordinary home or office furniture become sensitive objects, capable of interacting with their environment. A lamp that responds to a table, a television which obeys an armchair and thus we have furniture that turns communicative. A simple tap on a hard surface and mundane objects come to life and give us information at the touch of our fingers.

A few years ago this was only possible on Hollywood big screen movies. More recently it has become a reality. Everyday objects can now be tactile and intelligent.

Sensitive Object's Haptic Technology

The potential is enormous where the interactive design is concerned. A French company, Sensitive Object, has developed a unique technology in this area that is fighting for a place in the competitive market for man-machine interfaces.
(see www.sensitiveobject.fr)

Sensitive Object, founded in 2003, emerged from a research group from the Laboratory of Acoustic Waves (LOA) in Paris, an area of the National Center for Scientific Research. Between summer 2004 and 2006 the French group Sofinnova Partners invested 7.5 million euros in the company

With this capital, Sensitive Object has succeeded in developing innovative solutions based on acoustic technology. The technology works essentially with two sensors that record sounds emitted by any object. This record is then stored in a database, and given an acoustic signature unique to that point on the object. This signature is detected by a set of algorithms which contrast with the vibrations from the point of impact with the other signatures stored by converting the vibration through the use of electronic hardware and software into customized commands..

Help Yourself Technology is in Flagrant Growth

Help Yourself Technology is riding the crest of the wave of modern times. Self-service is turning into a routine, including drawing Money from an ATM, collecting tickets at the theater, cinema or train station, filling-up a car at a petrol station without having to talk to the seller. We are also witnessing the emergence of interactive shop windows where you can browse and shop 24 hours a day, from outside the store. Advertising and digital flagging are also spreading. This increases the scope of interactive advertising where the target audience has the ability to give feedback about their needs and views in real time via touch screen. We are becoming incredibly independent, only depending on the connection to and interaction machines and networks. Perhaps this is the paradox of our time.

Sensitive Object Aims to be Present in the USA

Sensitive Object intends to be present in the U.S. market which has a large dimension and is highly competitive. To this end, they hired the Leadership Business Consulting San Francisco office to assist in the evaluation of the market and the establishment of initial contacts with potential partners and customers.

fotoThe possibilities offered by the introduction of haptic technology (technology that uses the touch) developed by Sensitive Object are unlimited. Its acoustic technology known as ReverSysTM which is based on temporal reversal of acoustic waves offers people a bridge between the abstract digital world and their familiar surroundings. The touch screens are just one of the interesting examples. Many of the already known technologies exist to allow the touch screens to be responsive to the touch. Most of the technologies accepted in the market include SAW (surface acoustic wave) and infrareds. The reader may wonder if there is still room for another emerging technology marketed by a company or brand is not recognized by the market. Sensitive Object's technology distinguishes itself from some existing technologies and that is why it is represents such an impressive development.

The touch screens have to be resistant. Tourists often end up tapping touch screens in airports and train stations incessantly, trying to buy tickets in time to catch the next plane or train. Durability is the key feature of the touch screens. These are made of pure glass that is extremely resistant and easy to clean.

Any object that is sensitive has to be designed with special consideration to how it is to react. This feature is essential when it comes to reducing the need for repairs and maintenance. The sensor points are crucial factors to attract or scare away users who feel frustrated due to not understanding why the "click here" does not work.

Cost is another area where the Sensitive Object is well positioned because its technology is competitive at this level, which in terms of a large business volume is very attractive. It is predicted that this market will grow at a rate of 10% in the coming years, however, a fall in prices has been noted.

Not everything is perfect of course, at least not for now, Sensitive Object technology still does not have the characteristic drag and drop which is vital in many sectors. Sensitive Object’s area of R & D is working on this issue and should have this feature included in its 2009 product line.


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